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Market Status as of March 27

Market Status as of March 27
As investors, we can’t choose the market conditions, we can only choose how we’ll react to them. A good, repeatable investing process greatly increases the odds of achieving the best possible outcome given uncontrollable market conditions.

There is little change from a week ago. Market conditions remain bearish.

A timing indicator, constructed from the S&P 500 Bullish Percent Indicator, remains on a sell signal since mid-February.

This indicates that institutional selling pressure remains as stocks continue to struggle against an increasing supply.  

The Value Line Arithmetic Index remains below its 30-week moving average. This is bearish.

The NYSE Bullish Percent remains below 50%. This is bearish.

Looking to the sectors, Real-Estate has now displaced Financials as the worse performing.

The Dividend Growth Portfolio remains mostly in cash since the portfolio inception on March 1.  

Morningstar published a list, "Our Best Dividend Funds", on January 17, 2023. I have started to track those funds and construct an index of those funds to compare to.  

All of the funds are either weakening or lagging behind the benchmark S&P 500.

I will continue to keep a defensive stance and patiently wait until the market shows demand.